Test Preparation

Test preparation

To gain admission into a college of your choice, you need to possess primarily a good and consistent academic record and high test scores. Academic records are that part of the application, on which a student does not have any control because these records reflect onto what the student has achieved in his studies in the past. But a student has a considerable and significant control over the other part i.e. the test scores. The test scores can either make or mar student’s chances of getting the admission into the institution of his choice.

Generally speaking there are two types of test scores the universities demand. One, the English Language Proficiency test score, and the other, Admission based entrance test score. English language proficiency tests primarily assess an individual’s language skills. The results of these types of tests demonstrate whether the person has requisite language skills as stipulated by the institution for the given course or not. There are different tests available that test the language skills. But the most famous ones are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic. Almost all these tests have worldwide acceptance.

Admission based tests, as the name signifies, are primarily used for the purpose of awarding admissions and scholarships in conjunction with many other factors. These tests are generally required for admission into colleges and universities of USA.  The tests generally have components of Essay Writing, Mathematics and English. Depending on the level and field of study a person wishes to pursue, there are different tests. ACT, SAT and SAT Subject tests are requirements for pursuing undergraduate studies in USA. GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT are required for pursuing the postgraduate studies in USA.

Global Studies Advisor offers personalised and result-oriented test preparation courses to people desirous of achieving a high score in the required tests. Test preparation courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced faculties.